Noise Reduction, Samples Denoising, Vst Plugins you should pick!

In this article, I give a you info on what programs and VST plug-ins we use to remove noise in the samples, will present you his method of checking the quality of made to remove noise, and I have an extra gift for you – the screen with its own noise reduction setting in the gold wave, which I use for cleaning among other samples of synthesizers, which were ripped analog. Mega useful!

Basic Info About Noise Reduction and other VST Plugins

Noise Reduction Filter with the audio editor gold wave. I really like this plugin due to the fact that I was able to create a preset, which minimally affects the sound even in silent places. Using Noise Reduction Filter can either delete a hum noise and high noise.

Waves Restoration Plug-ins to remove noises, clicks, hums and crackles. Every day I do not use this solution, but I remember that it obtained good results with these plugins, namely: Waves of-noise, Waves X-noise, x-hum Waves, Waves X-Crackle and Waves X-click.

Powercore Restoration Suite – very good tool for Tc Electronic Powercore platform. The composition of this set includes: Powercore Declick, Powercore Decrackle, Powercore Denoise, Powercore Descratch oraz Powercore Dethump. You must have a PCI card or interface Powercore firewall.

Let’s now test plug-in presets and relevance to our material. Trick is very simple. We must strengthen the portion of the sample, where the noise is almost as loud as the sound itself and do the same in the sample with the removed noise. I suggest you do so at the end of the sample, when the sound was almost lost. Use the option normalize / maximize. Listen to or deleted from the sample did not delete the noise or too many frequencies the sound itself. If the sound is still smooth and almost retains its properties at such a quiet passage, you can be sure done a good job. Below the screen, how it should look like:

noise reduction
Noise reducer test. Gold Wave Audio Editor screenshot

If you have a good feedback at the end so strongly enhanced sound, be sure the sample is generally good.

And here’s the promised screen with setting the noise reduction filter in the audio editor gold wave, which I use in the manufacture of Professional Samples:

noise reduction
Screenshot of Gold Wave Noise Reduction Filter. Lucid Samples preset.

And remember! You do not need to completely remove the noise! Much better results are satisfactory level of noise reduction without any loss of almost the same frequency of sound than the complete elimination of noise and a part of samples!

Have fun;)