DJ Samples: Techno Hardstyle Classic and New School Free To Download

DJ Samples: The First Free Sample Pack

We are starting a quite uninnovative initiative of giving you guys away some of our prestigious samples completely free of charge. And since here we are on techno samples maniacs blog we pretty much figured out that postnig a techno oriented pack would be much obliged. So without further a due we present you guys Full Free Production Sample Pack which consisted of music production tools very helpful in making pretty much any techno oriented track. That’s right 600MB of freshly made samples of high quality. This is what you can get for free by check out the link posted below.

Here Download the DJ Samples Techno Pack!


dj samples
The Pack contains commercial sample packs globaly acclaimed by many artist So don’t wait and check out the demo or simply download and check while making a new creative track.
What will you find in the dj samples pack?
Samples come from:

95 BPM Industrial Techno Pack (46)
1000 Sfx Production Tools Vol. 1 (34)
1000 Sfx Production Tools Vol. 2 (32)
Acoustic Guitars Vol. 1 (3)
Clublines vol.1 – Essential Party (14)
Clublines vol.2 – Time For Power (14)
Clublines vol.3 – Hypnotic Lines (19)
Complete Dubstep Vol. 1 (21)
Complete Trance Vol. 1 (45)
Complete Trance Vol. 3 (5)
Cut-Vocals Party (HQ Edition) (16)
Drumtronic (30)
Electric Guitar Ballads Vol. 1 (3)
Essential Clubkits Vol. 1 (8)
Funktronic Loops (16)
Hardcore Samples Invasion (19)
Hardcore Voices Invasion (10)
Hardstyle Fx (17)
Hardstyle Kicks (2)
Hardstyle Midi (HQ Edition) (13)
Large FX Collection (31)
Minimal Heaven Vol. 1 (26)
Percussion XXL Pack (52)
Techno Elements (17)
Top Club Drums Vol.1 (52)
Ultra Kicks Vol. 2 (5)
Vinyl Cut Chords (12)

+ new sounds

guitar samples (6)
clubhouse kicks (16)
hard kicks (10)
noise kicks (5)
scratch fx (10)
trance arp (4)

in total: 608 free sounds and loops.

You gotta admit that it is a huge thing to have for FREE.
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