Minimal Techno Samples: High Quality DJ Samples

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Here is a large collection of samples for music producers/ minimal techno producers, djs, as well as beginners. Click on the link below and go to the detailed description and listen demo:

minimal techno

Minimal Samples – Download 2235 Quality Minimal Techno Samples!


You’ll find lots of short, minimal sounds, drum loops, synth lines from synthesizer Virus Ti, short percussion sounds, high quality sound effects, bass sounds, etc. Here you will find also 25 drum loops sets (25 construction kits).


Construction Drum Beats – 227
Minimal Drums – 470
Effects – 104
Electronic Sounds – 586
Minimal Loops – 128
Minimal Drumsounds   Р252
Percussion – 356
Special Sounds – 112
In total: 2235 minimal samples !

Download Minimal Samples – get 2235 wav samples in minutes!


Minimal techno

Minimal Techno is directly derived from detroit techno genre, which originated in the USA. A characteristic feature of this species is to simplify the arrangement for maximum sound domed building the track. These are mostly short percussion sounds / synthetic short reverb and various synthetic loops, which also consists of a series of beeps. Rare melodic motifs. Time signature 4 / 4. Despite the simplifications and a poor layout, this is the music a lot more complicated than it might seem. In Minimal Techno, there are many fine nuances of sound that are the basis for this species.

Minimal quickly moved to Europe, where he gained considerable popularity and is still played at parties minimal techno. The beginnings of this trend is considered years 1986-1988. At that time the most important figure in the creation of minimal techno was Jeff Mills, who fascinated detroit techno, along with two friends founded the record label Underground Resistance.

Species not initially accepted in the United States, and the whole evolution of this movement went on the old continent. Capital of Europe has become a Berlin in which propagation of the species took up the club and label TRESORE Berlin.