5 free Tutorials how to make Techno Music

It is a nice idea to share so I share some nice tutorials, tips and tricks for all you Technomaniacs who would like to make some progress in your projets. Five is a nice number. So let us begin!

1. Tutsplus

This site has always provided me with the best howto’s.  Tutsplus Techno Tutorials – enjoy tens of well prepared step-by-step idiot-friendly tutorials. Have fun for a week or more!

2. Reddit

It is the frontpage of the Internet: Reddit.com/R/Techno prowide us not only with great tutorials found by its users but also weekly charts and even cooperation searches. Be sure be there!

3. MusicTech

This one is a very specialized guide directory for all the musick makers who use golden jacks and studio monitors with perfect sound output for their projects. If you use your laptop speakers do not click the link: Genre focus: Producing Techno.

4. YouTube

This one is more daw-specific. And when it comes to DAW programs, there is no more popular than FL Studio so a FL Studio Techno Tutorial is not something unusual. This particular one is great especially for the beginners actually.

5. Scoop.it

Have you ever Scooped Techno Tips? No? So better try right now. I can guarantee this will help you in some way. Again, this is a directory of specialized tutorials. Read the description and pick the one you like.

There should now be point 6.

But there is none. However if you like this little selection, you can try to get some new techno samples. Some of them are free samples, some of them are premium techno sounds. All of them are highest quality possible.